New Community!

2010-09-09 19:09:26 by 5LineRecords

We built up our own community so we don't spam NG with our links, downloads, etc. Join up if you like but we know you'll all still love NG just the same because we'll be advertising NG haha

We have tons of activity already and no one is bored with great features so join up and check it out. You can become a trial artist much more easily now and connect with ALL of our ARTISTS, FANS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, AND MORE ALL JOIN!

Earn points for being active and get EXCLUSIVE Merchandise, CDs/Albums, Songs, etc. ONLY FOUND at our online community! You can't buy them anywhere else! You don't even have to pay real money, but donations are appreciated for quick points.

Features Live Radio (get your songs played), Instant Messaging (IM any logged in user), Chat Rooms, Forum, Personal Blogs (your own blog), and tons more! We're working for you non stop to make it an amazing place to Connect, Collab, and Create.


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