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2010-08-05 00:10:26 by 5LineRecords

5Line Records is the newest addition to the 5Line Network. Live radio broadcasting to thousands of people a day, 5LR (or 5LN) is taking over and re-defining the music industry and record label into a more modern and family-style approach where everyone is included.

All the artists get a choice in what goes down in many of the decisions made, everyone is included in how things are dealt with and run. With the ability to vote and voice your own input it allows everyone to feel like you really are part of a company that actually cares.

Our main goal is to provide for artists what they need the most help with:

Our contracts give more to the artist than any other label that we've researched. Promotions, Merchandise, Advertising, Websites, and so much more.

What are you waiting for? Check out http://5LineRecords.info now!

You can also post and sell music and share it on ArtistCrazeMedia.com Forums and TranceCommunity.com Forums or embed your music, playlists, or single songs anywhere! http://Audio.CrazeShare.info

Tune in LIVE 24/7 - http://5LRLive.net - We play to thousands a day! We are recruiting DJs, no experience needed sign up @ http://5LineRecords.com! - We stream any songs you want played, let us know @ http://5LRLive.net by using the request form!

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2010-08-06 00:26:13

Best of luck, This is great.

5LineRecords responds:

Thanks very much! We're spreading like a virus :) Help is much appreciated and rewarded!


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